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About us

Years of experience
Septillion of stars

Why choose Stargazing Tenerife?
We have been operating for years on the island, our guides are certified by the Starlight Foundation and have knowledge of astronomy as well as geology and biology of the island. We use powerful Dobsonian and Schmidt-Cassegrain computerized telescopes to enjoy great views of the celestial objects…also, we are friendly and fun!


(aka the Chief): the founder of Stargazing Tenerife and one of the OGs in the game, he has been doing this longer than most on the island.
He is one of the earliest Starlight Foundation-certified guides, and has incredible knowledge in astronomy and all things night-sky related.
He is also the creative mind behind the business aspect of the company, always bringing new ideas to provide our guests with the best experience.


(aka Magic Mike): a jack of all trades and master of all of them, main telescope / weather / satellite man checking all forecast models and webcams to make sure conditions are perfect for stargazing, and also keeping track of all man-made objects crossing the sky during our tours (rumor has it that astronauts from the International Space Station send him a Whatsapp message every time they fly above the Canary Islands). He also works his ‘Magic’ at his local bar (only on Saturday nights 😉 ).


(aka Daniel, Dani, D or whatever you want to call him): a nature and outdoor lover, he has a Bachelor’s degree in Natural Sciences focusing on bird biology and a Master’s degree in Marine Sciences focusing on shark biology; his passion for night sky photography allowed him to aim at the stars and get nerdy about everything related to astronomy and cosmology. He does not mind talking, as you will find out when he is guiding our VIP tours…

Phil and Jaime

Our Junior guides with an infectious positive energy! The latest additions to the Stargazing Tenerife team, they will put a smile on your face while explaining how the universe works and while handling the telescopes. Both are English-Spanish bilingual so, although our tours are in English, they are able to translate and provide a more international flavor to our tours.


The Behind-The-Scene Wizard. If your booking process went flawlessly, if you had clear and to-the-point information about our tours, you have to thank her. She is the admin of the company handling the bookings and making sure all our guests are informed and up-to-date from the moment they make the booking request to the time they join our stargazing tours. 


The Network Representative. Sue is our commercial agent (and Mike’s much, much better half 😀 ): she deals with excursion shops on the island to maintain a smooth communication between them and our guests when they do not book directly through our website or the several booking platforms.