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One more thing…

Like Steve Jobs used to say when he introduced some new incredible gadget during the various Apple presentations, we have something our guests will surely enjoy very much: we finally got our hands on one of the most revolutionary amateur-astronomy devices developed in recent history: the ZWO Seestar S50.
This little telescope is super easy to set up and it shows an insane amount of celestial objects through our phones and tablets, but it is also capable of taking images of these features of the night sky!
This way we are able to show the objects through our telescopes and, at the same time, take photographs of them in real time using the Seestar and share them with our guests. If you have done any stargazing before, you know that deep-sky objects are especially difficult to see in detail because our eyes are not well-suited for night vision (they call them “faint fuzzies” for a reason!), no matter the telescope.
The Seestar S50 does all the tedious and difficult work that astrophotographers employ to capture images of the galaxies and nebulae, so our guides are free to keep explaining the wonders of the universe to our guests.
In the introductory phase, the Seestar S50 will be employed during our VIP tours but in the near future it will be used in all our tours.

These photos were taken last night during our VIP tour by our very own Mike who used the unit for the first time and, even though he does not have an extensive experience as an astrophotographer, the results are fantastic . They show the Moon, the Andromeda galaxy, the Orion nebula and Jupiter with its Galilean moons.

We never stop improving!

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