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The Hunter

Do you know which is the most prominent constellation in the sky during the winter months?

It is called Orion and it has been associated by the Greeks and other civilizations with a human figure, more precisely a hunter.

It is composed of several stars, four very bright forming a rectangle around three more stars in a row, even though there are more shaping the constellation. The very bright orange star is called Betelgeuse (or Beetlejuice for the American crowd) and it is the next best candidate for fireworks in the sky, as it is predicted to explode as a supernova within the next 100.000 years. This means that when it happens (it could actually have already happened but, because light travels at a finite speed, we could have not seen it yet! …isn’t it fascinating?) we will be able to see a glow brighter than the moon for a few weeks, even during the day!

There are other very interesting features about the constellation, follow our blog (or better, book a stargazing tour with us) and we will tell you what they are!

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